Office and Industrial Moving in Jeddah

Avana logistics is one of the secured office and industrial moving company based in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia. Since our company, we have obtained the federal status of being the most assigned service provider present whole relocation, packing, and moving services. The wide range of services that we offer organization, packing, office, and industrial moving services. Our trained professional team has especially handle office and industrial moving.

Office and industrial moving services of Avana make your move simple and fast, and we further responsible for packing to moving all items with safekeeping. We are one of the leading moving companies in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia.

We have the competence and wealth for executing effective business moving solutions and move your office without disturbance. Each foundation has dissimilar office moving requirements and they can differ based on the business size. Avana offers customized and preplanned moving services for both sectors.

Office and Industrial Moving In Jeddah
Industrial Moving In Jeddah

Industrial Moving in Jeddah

Industrial moving is not about actual planning but also about accomplished and superintend execution. Our industrial moving services surround a wide range of market sectors from production to distribution, to government and local authorities and wholesalers and retailers.

We can overcome the challenges of arranging and controlling the moving of massive machinery. We offer moving services for all kinds of business organization and we also specialized in some commercial moving methods. Avana logistics not only provides moving services but also has storage services for the needs of clients. Through our standard services, we achieve a reputed position in between huge organizations.

Smart and Efficient Office Moving Jeddah

Smart and Efficient Office Moving

Avana logistics always recognizes modern techniques to make office moving more bright and systematic. We further work with your moving experts to make sure that all aspects of your company’s move are well scheduled. Our expert team is qualified to protect your company’s valuable and informational documents. Almost reputed organizations have sensitive information like financial documentation, proprietary data, customer information, patents, blueprints, and more. We consider your assets and secrets as our own. our professional team provides customized service with the use of the best moving equipment. We can provide flexible and scheduled moving service and we offer a variety of top-notch solutions.

Moving is always a very difficult task for every organization. Avana’s moving service making your move as trouble-free and cost-effective to everyone. We focus on providing customized services through affordable charges. We manage the entire process includes packing, arranging, cleaning, and moving. Our moving service also includes some merits, that is we are flexible to handle all types of move and we have special packages, insurance, customs clearance, export packing, delivery, and storage services.


Cost Effective Moving

Cost Effective Moving

Avana logistics have a team of trained experts who know how to provide cost-effective and on-time moving service. Office and industrial moving are quite common these days. Each one in our service team comes with 100% responsible and honesty.

Our office moving service professionals are well qualified to transfer all kinds of workplace equipment. We have years of experience in the office and industrial moving sector. Our dedicated group of employees works with your needs and interests.