Heat-Shrink Wrap Services

At Avana Logistics,we provide on-site heat-shrink wrapping services for various types of cargo, safeguarding them against dirt, moisture, and external damage caused by harsh weather conditions during transportation. This method proves especially effective for oversized or irregularly shaped products, as the heat-shrink wrap tightly conforms to the product’s contours, ensuring a secure seal for seamless onward transportation. Additionally, the heat-shrink wrapping minimizes movement and chafing of the cargo during both transportation and storage.

Aluminum Barrier and Vacuum Packaging

Avana Logistics presents Aluminum Barrier Packaging, acting as a formidable defense against moisture infiltration within the packaging. This meticulous process prevents atmospheric moisture from settling on the cargo’s surface. Our packaging material shields your cargo from slats, odors, condensation, contaminants, UV rays, oxygen, oils, and moisture. Aluminum barrier packaging is particularly recommended for safeguarding cargo transported by sea or requiring prolonged storage protection against degradation.