What is Air freight?

Air freight parcel delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. It is definitely not the cheapest alternative and is only advisable for certain weighted products.


  • Fastest shipping
  • Reliable arrival & departure times
  • Cargoes can be sent almost anywhere
  • Low insurance premiums, which means huge Savings
  • High level of security & reduced risk of theft and damage
  • Less packaging needed
  • Quick clearance
  • Status of cargo can be tracked

What is Sea freight?

Sea freight can also be called as ocean freight. It is one of the transportation modules to carry cargo from one country to another via sea by ship/vessel. Cargoes are sent by sea freight when time is not the issue and you are looking to send heavyweight shipment or bulky items overseas economically.


  • Suitable for products with long lead times
  • Ideal for transporting heavy & bulky goods
  • Cheap for large volumes
  • Less accident

What is Road freight?

Road transport is mainly used by suppliers and businesses to deliver orders. Many transport companies provide scheduled delivery days and next day delivery services, depending upon the needs of their customers. Here goods are generally packed grouped in containers.


  • Less Capital Outlay
  • Door to Door Service
  • Service in Rural Areas
  • Flexible Service
  • Suitable for Short Distance
  • Lesser Risk of Damage in Transit
  • Feeder to other Modes of Transport

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